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This child is devastated over the current state of Indie horror!

Look, let’s be honest right up front…
Making a local, micro-budget horror movie is a challenging and tricky task. Luckily, “Challenging and Tricky” is my middle name!

Pete’s middle name is Sprinkles…


So, without beating it into the ground, we need YOUR help to make this awesome vision of the Gothic South come to life. Please visit our Kickstarter page HERE, and if you like what you see toss a buck or two in!

Every little bit helps.


Thank you for your support!!

The same child after reading the screenplay... No spoilers, little girl!!


THE BEGINNING IS NIGH!! Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter is almost here…!

Whether you’ve arrived here because you’re a long time fan, just curious, or your hot niece convinced you– Welcome to THRACKADOOM.COM and welcome to the official announcement of the Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter Fund raising post!

Like, in less time than it takes to make homemade pickles, The Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter page will be up and running.

Now, you will finally have the chance to help us at THRACKADOOM realize our dream of making the most unique, hilarious and blood filled Vampsploitation film to EVER come out of Jefferson County!

Our Aspirations are high and our goal for funding is low so any little bit helps!

We have some crazy ill rewards and prizes, so get ready!


Please go here to like our fancy-pants Facebook page, and to be kept abreast of all the doings a’transpiring with the project.

Thanks for dropping by!



Saturday, July the 14th

THRACKADOOM will be holding auditions for the Southern Gothic Vamsploitation film Carbon-Based Blues in Birmingham on Saturday July the 14th at Theater Downtown/5th Avenue Antiques, located at 2410 5th Avenue South from 11:00 A.M. Until 3:00 P.M.

Carbon-Based Blues is a Action Horror Comedy with a large cast of characters, some of which are listed below.

It is also violent and full of salty language, so ages 19 and older only, please…


Come prepared for cold reading and possibly Jenga


We are still accepting resumes and head shots via Any questions can be asked there, as well.

You can also find us on Facebook.

Thank you, and good luck!


JEFFREY L. (Age Range 30-40) Jeffrey is a laid back, yet somewhat frustrated vampire that works the 3rd shit floor manager position at the Shop and Buy grocery store. He knows that he’s meant for more in life- he just has no idea what it is.


BOSKO (Age Range mid 20s to Mid 30s) Bosko is Jeffrey’s care free, pica having, somewhat insane best friend. He’s fidgety and possibly insane, but loyal and sweet. Everyone loves him… well, almost everyone.


JOSIE SMOKEWAGON (Age Range Late 30s to Late 40s) The youngest member but leader of the Smokewagon clan, Josie is the security guard for the night shift at the Shop and Buy. She has quick temper, a foul mouth, and HATES vampires with a seething passion that’s slowly destroying her.


LIBERTY and SHANE SMOKEWAGON (Age Range Late 30s to late 40s) The very definition of “good ol’ boys”, the Smokewagon bothers hate vampires as much as their sister Josie, though they may not be as vocal about it. They have basically become the muscle in Josies campaign to eradicate the blood-sucking menace.


CRICKET (Age Range 19- Early 20s)Since Cricket’s birth, she has been trained to serve her vampire master, Jeffrey L. She is young, beautiful but quiet and quite dangerous.


NIGHT MANAGER BOSLEY (Age Range Early to late 40s) Bosley is the 3rd shift manager of the Shop and Buy. He is a jovial bear of a man that spends most of his time either napping or refereeing fights between Josie and Jeffrey. When necessary, though, he is a surgeon with a Modified Winchester rifle… 

Carbon-Based Blues: What is it?

"I'm not in this %$#@ movie... Am I?"


Hey, friends.

Recently, THRACKADOOM sent out a notice of talent auditions for their new feature film Carbon-Based Blues.

Almost immediately the questions were asked, “Who the &^%$ is THRACKADOOM!?”

“Why is it in all caps?”

“What is this movie about?”

“Why is that picture of Blair Underwood there?”

“Why is J’Mel always single? He seems like such a charming guy…”

Well, THRACKADOOM is two people- J’Mel Davidson and Peter Bradberry.

They met while working on J’Mel’s first feature film attempt. Disagreements with the “producers” lead, ultimately, to a film that J’Mel would rather you never see. (this is not a dig on the talent and crew, who were excellent…)

Soon after, J’Mel and Peter bonded over common goals– Raising their own funds, controlling their vision, making the movies they want to make, and Drifting to win. Because if you don’t drift to win, why you drifting?

We are dedicated and determined to write, produce, and distribute low budget/high quality genre films from the heart of the bible belt.

Carbon-Based Blues will be the first full length feature from the Birmingham Alabama production company, THRACKADOOM.

And, what a feature it will be!

Over the last few years, there has been a resurgence of the Grindhouse feature- But Carbon-Based Blues isn’t like that.

Carbon-Based Blues is more of a love letter to the days when Friday night meant a great horror flick, and Saturday afternoon meant Kung-Fu theater. A mix between a Shaw Brother’s flick and a Hammer House of Horrors joint– if it had been abandoned, and raised in the dirty south!

It is the tale he tale of Jeffrey, a vampire that’s given up blood and his simple yet boring  job working nights at the Shop and Buy.

It is the tale of Josie Smokewagon, the woman who hates Jeffrey and his kind, and who will sacrifice everything to prove it.

It is the tale of Bosko, Jeffrey’s best friend. He was born in a coffin.

CARBON-BASED BLUES is the story of no matter how weird things are, things can always get weirder… And more violent,

Perhaps one day we’ll mature enough to do a feel good movie about a slow-witted janitor who teaches a debutante the power of hope– But for now, we want to make twisted and fun flicks that reflect our indie love and horror sensibilities.

Popcorn munching, line quoting, high-fiving fun-time flicks!

(Also, we find it important to note that we know the difference between making a crappy looking movie and claiming it’s a homage to “the good old days” and Making a good movie in the spirit of the good old days…)

As far as THRACKADOOM being in caps? I tried to type it regularly once and my computer exploded. True story.


So, we are currently seeking actors both Male and Female of all shapes and sizes between the ages of 19 and 60.

It wouldn’t hurt if artists got in touch with us as well. We can use all help making this flick.

Interested parties should send head shots and resumes to


Thanks again.


I want to send you a postcard!


Much like our Podcast output, this year started out strong then tapered off a bit. But here is the year end wrap up that you knew we had to give you! See you all next Year!


Sorry for the wait! Please enjoy…

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