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Look, let’s be honest right up front… Making a local, micro-budget horror movie is a challenging and tricky task. Luckily, “Challenging and Tricky” is my middle name! Pete’s middle name is Sprinkles…   So, without beating it into the ground, we need YOUR help to make this awesome vision of the Gothic South come to [...]

THE BEGINNING IS NIGH!! Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter is almost here…!

Whether you’ve arrived here because you’re a long time fan, just curious, or your hotĀ nieceĀ convinced you– Welcome to THRACKADOOM.COM and welcome to the official announcement of the Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter Fund raising post! Like, in less time than it takes to make homemade pickles, The Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter page will be up and running. Now, [...]


Saturday, July the 14th THRACKADOOM will be holding auditions for the Southern Gothic Vamsploitation film Carbon-Based Blues in Birmingham on Saturday July the 14th at Theater Downtown/5th Avenue Antiques, located at 2410 5th Avenue South from 11:00 A.M. Until 3:00 P.M. Carbon-Based Blues is a Action Horror Comedy with a large cast of characters, some [...]

Carbon-Based Blues: What is it?

  Hey, friends. Recently, THRACKADOOM sent out a notice of talent auditions for their new feature film Carbon-Based Blues. Almost immediately the questions were asked, “Who the &^%$ is THRACKADOOM!?” “Why is it in all caps?” “What is this movie about?” “Why is that picture of Blair Underwood there?” “Why is J’Mel always single? He [...]


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This Week in Hovercrafts: Sick

Mike and J’Mel both have adventures within the American medical system. They Discuss Inception, The History of the World, and whether Eddie Murphy would still pack em in with the same material…

This Week In Hovercrafts: Geek Love

This week we give respect knuckles to geeks who think before they hate and the Gasface to those who hate without reason. And we DON’T talk about Smokey and the Bandit.* *we talk about Smokey and the bandit II. Zing.

This Week in Hovercrafts: Explosive Endings

Sorry for the delay- But we’re back! Of COURSE we discuss Lost… and some robots. J’Mel says #$%^ a bunch.

New stuff!

Yow! Peter and J’Mel and the extended THRACKADOOM family are working hard to provide you with stuff to forward to your grandmother! Web Comics coming soon as well as the gritty Police drama Stake Outs. Local news and entertainment series View of the City may soon be blessed with DOOM. Check it out either way. [...]

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