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All the Carbon-Based Blues Preview Images so far…

Carbon-Based Blues: What is it?

  Hey, friends. Recently, THRACKADOOM sent out a notice of talent auditions for their new feature film Carbon-Based Blues. Almost immediately the questions were asked, “Who the &^%$ is THRACKADOOM!?” “Why is it in all caps?” “What is this movie about?” “Why is that picture of Blair Underwood there?” “Why is J’Mel always single? He [...]

I want to send you a postcard!


On the set of Stake Outs!

Here are just a few pictures from the set of Stake Outs! From this past weekend.

J’Mel and Mike LIVE… UPDATE!

UPDATE: Mike and J’Mel WILL appear together in the 27th show! You may not know this, but your loyal Hovercraft hosts Mike and J’Mel are also trained Improvists. You can see them this weekend goofing up a storm in ETC.’s Frank Chocula, P.I. They won’t be together, though. So pick a show on the 25th, [...]