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Much like our Podcast output, this year started out strong then tapered off a bit. But here is the year end wrap up that you knew we had to give you! See you all next Year!

This Week in Hovercrafts: The Mechanics of Ventriloquism

This week we discuss little girls enjoying Danzig by mistake. (They were the Misfits– They’re songs were better.) Cute girls watching Superman Sequels. Cute girls battling space villains… And Jon Cryer.

This Week in Hovercrafts: Fan Fiction!

Lots of things and stuff need punching. We’re back!

This Week in Hovercrafts: All in one night…

Don Knots is RICH, BITCH! Robot dogs, Giant apes, Chevy Chase’s early work (we don’t mention the drumming for Steely Dan…) We’re back Like Dean Jones, baby!

This Week In Hovercrafts: Geek Love

This week we give respect knuckles to geeks who think before they hate and the Gasface to those who hate without reason. And we DON’T talk about Smokey and the Bandit.* *we talk about Smokey and the bandit II. Zing.

This Week In Hovercrafts: What if?

J’Mel and Mike Speculate, recreate, illustrate, hyperbolate…

This Week in Hovercrafts: “Krueger? I hardly KNOW her!”

Lots of theories: Freddy, Tommy Westphall, After MASH, time, and space long ago and far far away…SPOILERS! NOTE: If J’Mel sounds a bit distant a times during this cast it’s because he’s standing in another room. He has his reasons- It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mike’s cooties.


This Week in Hovercrafts: Onesa!

A  shorter, more intimate look at how art can really suck for the true artists… Especially super artists like Mike and J’Mel.

This Week in Hovercrafts : THRACKAROO Bansai

J’Mel and Mike talk old school sci-fi vs new school trade blockades. They also talk major artistic influence and get to the bottom of the World Crime League.