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This Week in Hovercrafts: “Lost” Highway

J’Mel and Mike Discuss Lost, David Lynch, and how New Moon was too bad to make fun of. And Pete is the Guest Star!!

New Moon: a definition of FAIL

First off, THRACKADOOM and This Week in Hovercrafts apologizes. Why? We let some of you down with the promise of our first ever video podcast. The subject of this cast was to be Twilight: New Moon. See, I’d let a cute girl trick me into watching the Original, and I wanted to make it easier [...]

This Week in Hovercrafts: “You’re Locked in Here With Us!”

Mike doesn’t quite hate Watchmen. J’Mel is starting to hate Avatar, but he loves Reservoir Dogs.

This Week in Hovercrafts: Jerry Lewis… He could have done more.

Mike and J’Mel discuss Holocaust Clowns and Shrinky Dinks. Some super hero movies are terrible.

This Week in Hovercrafts: The End is Nigh… The Hilarious End.

J’Mel and Mike love The Mist. Mike’s wife hates the ending. We tell you What’s funny, and why you can’t escape zombies. *I think we may be drunk, but not noticeably…

A Podcast notice

We are going to have a new podcast every Monday. Subscribe and save. Save what? That’s up to you, cowboy

This Week in Hovercrafts: Mike and J’Mel is the Bandit

The most important discovery in the history of filmdom. Also, we talkaboot 10 Best Picture Nominees.

This Week in Hovercrafts: Pilot

This week in Hovercrafts with J’Mel and Mike. Our first podcast. Pixar is loved… except for Cars. Mike hates Cars. J’Mel hates the Rat/Food movie. J’Mel doesn’t hate Avatar… yet.