THE BEGINNING IS NIGH!! Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter is almost here…!

by JMel

Whether you’ve arrived here because you’re a long time fan, just curious, or your hot niece convinced you– Welcome to THRACKADOOM.COM and welcome to the official announcement of the Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter Fund raising post!

Like, in less time than it takes to make homemade pickles, The Carbon-Based Blues Kickstarter page will be up and running.

Now, you will finally have the chance to help us at THRACKADOOM realize our dream of making the most unique, hilarious and blood filled Vampsploitation film to EVER come out of Jefferson County!

Our Aspirations are high and our goal for funding is low so any little bit helps!

We have some crazy ill rewards and prizes, so get ready!


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Thanks for dropping by!