New stuff!

by JMel

Yow! Peter and J’Mel and the extended THRACKADOOM family are working hard to provide you with stuff to forward to your grandmother!

Web Comics coming soon as well as the gritty Police drama Stake Outs.

Local news and entertainment series View of the City may soon be blessed with DOOM. Check it out either way.

Not to mention a few top secret FEATURE FILM projects coming straight for your head!

And sure, the Podcast is a little late, but you’ll get it! Once a week unless otherwise warned: this is our vow. You want it fast or you want it good?

If you haven’t already, get a shirt! And if you have, please send us a picture of you in the shirt! (Pants optional)

Thanks again!

“THRACKADOOM: Our slogan cannot be uttered in English!”