THRACKADOOM is a beautiful umbrella that covers the artistic ventures pursued by Peter Bradberry and J’Mel Davidson. That includes some things you may have heard of like Heinous Clown Communications, Peter Bradberry Photography, Feminist Debutante Guild and Vexpix.

Years ago, while filming a script written by J’Mel, the two became fast friends. They also realized that the people with the money are hardly ever the people with the talent/ideas.

So, they began making short films, most of which managing awards and mention from the SIDEWALK MOVING PICTURE FESTIVAL in Birmingham Alabama.

The two also tried their hand at local advertising by offering one simple rule: they would do the spot for free if they were allowed free reign over the ideas.

You can check the THRACKADOOM Youtube page for a few of the results.

And now, well, we only want to do two things.

Thing one: Make you look awesome. How? You tell us! Through video, through photography. We do graphics work.
Need a hot beat to rhyme over for your mixtape? We can do that. Hell, we’ve either done it, are doing it, or we’re preparing to do most anything you can toss at us at reasonable and competative prices.

Need a local commercial that doesn’t look like EVERY other local commercial? We got you covered.

Thing Two: we just want to make art. We’re always looking for an excuse. That’s what we do. Now you know what we are- Two local boys that make art.

Are you in or are you out?