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A couple new music videos!

Below are two slightly different videos for Oww Jeka You’re So Mean To Me’s song “Get Your Damn Hands Off Her” a love letter to Zemeckis and the wonderful Back To The Future!

This is the Datamoshed version. It is more of an experiment than anything.

Oww Jeka You’re So Mean To Me – Get Your Damn Hands Off Her – Datamoshed version from vexpix on Vimeo.

Here is the clean version.

Oww Jeka You’re So Mean To Me – Get Your Damn Hands Off Her – Datamoshed version from vexpix on Vimeo.

Get that before NBC/ Universal decides we are too awesome for our own good and pull them down.

Here is Oww Jeka’s myspace page with more music

This Week in Hovercrafts: Sick

Mike and J’Mel both have adventures within the American medical system. They Discuss Inception, The History of the World, and whether Eddie Murphy would still pack em in with the same material…

This Week in Hovercrafts: All in one night…

Don Knots is RICH, BITCH! Robot dogs, Giant apes, Chevy Chase’s early work (we don’t mention the drumming for Steely Dan…) We’re back Like Dean Jones, baby!

What to do on a day off?

Pay Attention…

This is Jim Morrison’s grave…

This is Jeanette Coombs representing THRACKADOOM at Jim Morrison’s grave.

Any questions?*
*questions will not be answered.

This Week In Hovercrafts: Geek Love

This week we give respect knuckles to geeks who think before they hate and the Gasface to those who hate without reason.

And we DON’T talk about Smokey and the Bandit.*

*we talk about Smokey and the bandit II. Zing.

This Week in Hovercrafts: Explosive Endings

Sorry for the delay- But we’re back!

Of COURSE we discuss Lost… and some robots. J’Mel says #$%^ a bunch.

Don’t Forget Your Shirts!

Just a reminder, THRACKADOOM shirts are leaving the store for good come June 6th. Much like Disney’s movies going back in the vault. Make your move now! Here’s the store!

A Cure Too Far

This Week In Hovercrafts: What if?

J’Mel and Mike Speculate, recreate, illustrate, hyperbolate…