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This Week in Hovercrafts: “Krueger? I hardly KNOW her!”

Lots of theories: Freddy, Tommy Westphall, After MASH, time, and space long ago and far far away…SPOILERS!

NOTE: If J’Mel sounds a bit distant a times during this cast it’s because he’s standing in another room. He has his reasons- It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mike’s cooties.


This Week in Hovercrafts: Onesa!

A  shorter, more intimate look at how art can really suck for the true artists…

Especially super artists like Mike and J’Mel.

This Week in Hovercrafts : THRACKAROO Bansai

J’Mel and Mike talk old school sci-fi vs new school trade blockades. They also talk major artistic influence and get to the bottom of the World Crime League.

New stuff!

Yow! Peter and J’Mel and the extended THRACKADOOM family are working hard to provide you with stuff to forward to your grandmother!

Web Comics coming soon as well as the gritty Police drama Stake Outs.

Local news and entertainment series View of the City may soon be blessed with DOOM. Check it out either way.

Not to mention a few top secret FEATURE FILM projects coming straight for your head!

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“THRACKADOOM: Our slogan cannot be uttered in English!”

Two more Lovely Ladies Lovin’ the ‘DOOM!

This Week in Hovercrafts: “Lost” Highway

J’Mel and Mike Discuss Lost, David Lynch, and how New Moon was too bad to make fun of. And Pete is the Guest Star!!

Straight outta St. Paul!


You better THRACKognize!

On the set of Stake Outs!

Here are just a few pictures from the set of Stake Outs! From this past weekend.





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